A place to bring your dog instead of leaving them home alone.  They can have undivided attention and burn up energy they use to chew or destroy your home.  You can come home after a hard day at work and snuggle with your loved one without having to throw the ball for an hour.

Paws and Play Dog Day Care will care for your dog during the work week giving them the attention they need.

We provide a place for your loved one to enjoy running, chasing balls, playing tug, or taking a dip with other dogs and humans while you are unavailable.

  •       Your dog will be supervised all day and not at home getting in to things they shouldn't!
  •     Your dog will have stimulating activity all day and be tired in the evening!
  •     Your dog will develop better social skills with other dogs and humans and make lots of doggie friends!

All dogs must have a trial to be accepted at Paws and Play Dog Day Care. Call to set up a meeting today!

Check out our Payment Page for payment options and specials today!

Daily Dog Care Services

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Paws and Play Dog Day Care